Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Couscous with Ratatouille

I prepared this lunch the night before and in a hurry, so I needed things that were easy and fast.
The main dish was couscous with a ratatouille sauce that was a convenience product, I just had to add vegetables and water.
I brought two different things as snacks - first little breadballs with nuts and seeds. They are quite simple - I unfroze a premade pretzel, cut it into pieces and covered those with the nuts, then I put them ten minutes into the oven - ready.
The strange white thing in the photo is a hardboiled egg. I usually don't eat many eggs, but I had bought some Japanese eggformers some time ago and never used them, so I wanted at least to try them. It didn't really work (the egg should look like a star, not like a blob), probably because my egg was too small. I think I'll try again and then I might pass the shapers on to somebody who eats eggs more frequently, maybe my little niece.

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