Friday, March 14, 2014

Japanese Box, Italian Lunch

So, I bought myself a bento box! This is a three tiered model by Unit Colors.
I had been tempted by this line ever since I saw it first on the internet, because of its beautiful colours.
I actually did not think these boxes would be superpractical for my style of life, but then I found one with a 50% discount in a fancy-schmancy shop just around the corner from my office and succumbed.
It has one big container and two slightly smaller ones. I like the fact that you can pack things that are going to be reheated and those that are eaten cold separately, and that I can transport everything vertically.
But although the box has a total volume of nearly one liter, which is a lot, I feel kind of restricted by the form of the containers.
Here is what I packed into the bento box on its first outing:

In the middle we have my lunch, which consisted of gnocci with a vegan mushroom-sauce,
on the left a skewer with cherry tomatoes and pieces of marinated mozzarella and on the right puff pastry with a filling of fresh spinach.

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