Monday, November 3, 2014

New Lunchbox and a Resolution

So ... I've noticed that I every day around five I get the urge to eat something sweet, and that I usually end up buying some chocolate or going to Starbucks for one of these huge muffins. Delicious but not really good for my health. So I decided that from now on I will bring three meals for the day - second breakfast, lunch and ... I don't know, afternoon snack, teatime? I'm starting to be aware of the fact that even we Germans do not have real word for this meal, apart from "Kaffee und Kuchen".
So, when I was looking around the internet for inspiration, I found a great lunchbox system that I had not know before. And when I passed a junk shop near the office later, I found the same model, although not from the same company, for only 2 €.


Here's the link to the original from Sistema:
I've been experiencing with my new adquisition during the last week and at the moment I'm quite content.
My observations so far:
- It's quite spacious, which is both an advantage and a drawback: It enables me to really bring a lot of
  food, but I'm also obliged to bring a lot, because if I don't, everything moves around. Because of this
  I have to think well what I put in which compartment and what I'm going to take out first.
- My version isn't wellmade or sturdy, so I have to see how long it will hold up.
- It's a bit big for my bag.
- It's not easy to clean.
- It's not leaksafe, so I have to use smaller containers inside, and not many fit.
- I can't pack anything that has to be heated together with stuff that's to be eaten cold.
So, we'll see if in the long run this is a system that works for me, for now I'm trying! :-)

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